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Why Do Students Have To Deal With Homework

One of the most annoying things that any student will tell you they hate is, of course, homework. Then probably isn’t a student has not asked at one point why do we have to get homework for anyways. The logic behind this of course is we have to sit in school all day anyways so whats the big deal? So I thought I would explore the practical reasons behind homework and understand why students need homework to improve their grades and overall school work. I have collected three reasons for this they are as follows improvement, better understanding, and to help those who don’t fully understand the subject material.

The first reason I wish to look at is one of the most simple – improvement. The best way to improve on anything is of course the proverb practice makes perfect. We all hate to hear it but its true the more you do something the better you get at it. Repetition allows for growth in any skill. The student that does their homework will no doubt do better than those who don’t. Students that shirk their homework have a tendency to have lower overall grades unless they particularly excel in that area of study.

The second issue is that of better understanding. The better the student understands the material the greater the likelihood they will do well in the subject they are studying. One area of crucial importance is mathematics. Many people have a very difficult time that field of study and as such it is often a topic that needs lots of practice. When the student increases their understanding of the issues it makes them stand out with better grades which prospective employers in the future will definitely take into account particularly college and university grades.

The final issue with homework is that it helps those who don’t fully understand the topic material. This is one of the best reasons for homework because many students don’t fully absorb the material in class or by using only the class work. The students in need of extra study in certain areas are served very well by homework even if they grumble about the purposes it allows them to grow in a topic they may be struggling with. Tests show that students who struggle with a topic but frequently do their homework show marked improvement in the test scores and in later homework assignments validated the basic premise for homework.

These have been a few of the reason behind homework though you could find more if needed these three are sufficient to show that even if kids have to grit their teeth and do it homework is needed.



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  • Physic and Chemistry
  • History and Philosophy
  • Economics and Law
  • Maths and Statistics

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